Moor Harmony

30.10.18 - the honest truth is that the "Moor Harmony Mainframe" (kindly donated by top-bass, Andrew) from which this comes had got buried at the back of the summerhouse .. it had the login details for this site!! Anyway, now safely housed somewhere more accessible up the garden, and just in time to advertise The Armed Man, I hope to be publishing more gibberish in the future. All the best to top-bass, Robin, who is quite poorly at the moment but to whom we wish all the best and, get back to the village for a large brandy asap chap !! Our cover photo actually is from out last performance of The Armed Man and hopefully we'll get a new photo as top-sop Saffron hates that particular picture as she thinks you can see right up her nose ... is you zoom in closely enough, she's right ....

25.02.18 Exeter Festival is cancelled because of requirement for child performance licenses being demanded by the council - shocking news, talk about pen-pushers taking over. Hope they can have a word with someone reasonable at the council and get this rubbish sorted before next year; kids are the main-stay of the Festival !

23.02.18 MH never cease to amaze me! Armed Man rehearsals are going so well. So well in fact it's getting a bit boring so I'm going to have to really pull the rest of 2018's music ahead. Last year I had to cut any idea of the close-harmony pieces I wanted to do at Christmas due to lack of time so, now's time to break them out. AND I' really want to do a  couple of numbers from The Sound of Music (arguably the best musical of all time ...discuss..) for OGD so I'd better break out the dvd and get transcribing ....

02.01.18 Now Christmas is out of the way it's time to relax a tiny bit. 2018 is a big year with the long planned re-run of the Armed Man. We did this first in 2013 to pre-empt everyone else doing it before the 100yr anniversary of WW1 and now, to celebrate the end of the war the cycle is completed with us re-performing the work; probably with every other choir there is going this time ! Still, it means pulling OGD stuff in early and even the Christmas set - probably be learning the more complicated stuff for that before Easter just like last time !

03.02.17 - Whoopee....

well done everyone :

08.09.16 - so much for keeping this up to date !! Anyway, all back together now for the October concert but still finding it difficult to get  mobile recording studio to confirm availability for 9th October. Then it's going to be a very quick run up to Christmas. I must just say a bit THANK-YOU to everyone of the members who admitted to a birthday in the last 12 months and was brave enough to endure our own special version of 'Happy Birthday' including, Ray, Jen, Andrea, Gaynor, John and all the rest ... especially the celebratory refreshments you brought along to rehearsal also !! I'll try and make the comments  bit more personal in future.

19.01.16 - regularly updated once every twelve months or so!! The first sentence reflects the 21/12/14 comment below and our grateful thanks to The Oxenham Arms in South Zeal for splendid Christmas dinner. I really must record peoples birthdays on here more regularly as the current trend seems to be to bring a 'tipple' to rehearsal to celebrate, and then I could prompt them if they forget the following year! Anyway, mild panic just now as we have to finalise the spring Programme based on favourites voted for in December to do a recording in April (and possible concert) but to date .. not finalised, no accompanist booked, or venue or recording studio!!

21.12.14 -  and .... relax! Christmas concerts and party over and now time for a bit of a rest (once we've bought the music and sorted all the folders for re-grouping in January....); Must remember that I was 'ambushed' by a 'coven'of sopranos at the Christmas party - don't cross 'em; really not worth it!!
16.05.14 - what a splendid day for Open Gardens and what a great little concert ... boy, it was hot in St Marys! Now we've got the Bbq to look forward to in Andrea and Gaynor's imaculate garden next weekend and, once Christmas is sorted (hopefully by August) time for a break ...
30.05.14 -well, the Songbook was well received; with the added bonus we already have a few numbers up our sleeve for Open Gardens Day. Now, where's the Bbq going to be ... ?

06.01.14 - Christmas done and dusted (Gidleigh is a nice venue) and now for 2014 DPAF entry; committee meeting tonight to check we have all the music copied for Wednesday.... (note to self - we are NEVER going to do a full christmas set in 5 weeks again!!)

13.11.13 - Blimey! we raised £650.00 ... that made it all worthwhile. Trouble is we're now 10 weeks rehearsal-time behind with the Christmas programme.... panic stations ...

03.11.13 - the Ockment Centre is fantasic to sing in; appreciative audience and great instrumentalists (Gavin, Roger, Laura, Erica and Will) all pulled together to provide a memorable event. Now for the 9th .....

23.10.13 Trumpet parts written out, the cellist and percussionist have been in touch now, what about the piccolo ....

16.10.13 -Happy Birthday Paul !! (and thanks for the cake!)

10.10.13 Great suggestion from top-sop Julia to raise funds for charity with our 'big' gigs so for 2013 we've decided to put the Jenkins to good use for Shelterbox; wonder what it will be for 2015? Technical rehearsal with Roger in the V/Hall went well last night and we've just about sorted the trumpet player thanks to Paul; now, i just need to hear back from the percussioninst and cello ... By the way, thanks for the cake Saffron ..and the cases of wine Jen !!

20.06.13 - AGM over and plenty of champers layed on to celebrate the forthcoming weddings of top alto Jen and top new-sop Saphron; best wishes for you big days girls (ladies?) ... now to get writing out cello and percussion parts ... some break!

16.06.13 - What a splendid performance for Open Gardens ! (omitting Happy Birthday, of course)... Now, with a sop and an alto getting married before the September season, next Wednesday's going to have a bit of a party atmosphere (partly to offset the AGM/'have your say' bit) but mostly to celebrate their best wishes and all that.

25.01.13 - nearly forgot :


25.01.13 -just been asked to take part in a fundraiser in March; hadn't intended doing anything before June .... one to think about ....

13.01.13 -Copies of The Armed Man have been hired and arrangements of pieces for our Tribute to the American Songbook in 2014 are under way so it's time to hit the ground running on Wednesday ... which movement shall we start on ?

07.12.12 - Of course everything's under control. An additional gig at Castle Drogo has dropped in (1pm, 17th) and Deborah, thank heavens, is able to direct for that one. Tickets are available now at The Store for our "Christmas Party" on 15th (Thanks to Wendy, Andrew, Rosemary and all on the party committee) then it's off to Okehampton on 19th for a private function before our main event at Belstone on 22nd ... followed by our own Christmas dinner party at the Tors ....

16.10.12 - Well, that's got the Ave's out of our system; performing and then recording them - cripes, that was hard work on Saturday - we only recorded 14 in the end. Now to get the editing under way and .... HERE COMES CHRISTMAS !!

27.03.12 - Phew ! just sorted the music for the autumn recording session.... 15 Ave Verum Corpuses (Corpi?) ... can't wait to break the news tomorrow night at rehearsal !

18.03.12 - After a quick rehearsal in the Victory Hall  it was off to Exeter. 20 minutes of fretting and it's all over - and what a result ! Two 'Distinctions' a shield and a trophy. Lots of hard work paid off and you can see what the adjudicator had to say for our Mixed Choir entry here and our Chamber Choir entry here. I must drop them a line as we forgot to pick up our certificates !

16.03.12 - 14hrs to go before we get together tomorrow lunchtime for the last run through ... 15.5hr before we're on the ..... 15 minutes and it's all over ... commendation, distinction or honours? Goodness know they've worked hard enough at it. One bass down with a cold, one tenor out of action and one tenor missing in action ! Chances of being asked to take part in the Gala Concert - unimagineable. Still, we've sorted the 2013 programme with the main events being an easter concert of 'the American Songbook' which has perked Ron up no end (!) and , in the autumn, .... well, another "Big Concert" with the Armed Man ..... And that's all after our 2012 recording session in October.

17.02.12 - Just dug this out - our progress to date with DPAF entries ....

Devon Performing Arts Festival entries :
Year Class Choir Score
2012 5895 Mixed Voice Choir Moor Harmony ???
2012 5902 Chamber Choir Moor Harmony ???
2010 5888 Small Choir Mellow D 89
2010 5888 Small Choir Moor Harmony 90
2010 5888 Small Choir St Thomas Gospel Choir 91
2010 5902 Chamber Choir Moor Harmony 86
2007 5888 Carol Class Bel Canto 84
2007 5888 Carol Class Moor Harmony 86
2007 5888 Carol Class Exeter Festival Chorus 88
2007 5902 Small Choir Bel Canto 84
2007 5902 Small Choir Moor Harmony 86
2007 5902 Small Choir Ex Vox 87
2005 5887 Choral Societies Moor Harmony 87
2005 5887 Choral Societies Exeter Festival Chorus 90
2005 5895 Mixed Voice Choir Bel Canto 84
2005 5895 Mixed Voice Choir Moor Harmony 86
2005 5895 Mixed Voice Choir Exeter Festival Chorus 91

 25.01.12 - Happy Birthday, Robin. Top bass and hubby of

 (long-suffering*) wife (top-alto) Sue. *Long suffering refers to the fact it's Sue's house we invade to rehearse every week and not because of anything Robin has done !! Thanks for the bubbly and hope you had a great day.

06.01.12 - The deed is done ... DPAF here we come .... must let the choir know now too ! Honestly, less than 10 mins of music to learn in 10 weeks, how hard could it be ...... (By the way, thanks to Paul for stopping me slipping the Mozart Requiem into the church/chapel class !)

20.12.11 - We've had the party (thanks to Deborah and Andrew for sorting all that)(and the Seven Stars, South Tawton too) now time to relax .... after sorting the music for March!

10.12.11 - Well, after the triple birthday-singing for top sops Rosemary and Marge (and, 3rd, John, hubby of Rosemary) a couple of weeks ago, we had a subsequent happy birthday chorus for top-sop Fi (wife of MH member, Jeremy).  Then our first Chrisitmas outing (at the Okehampton Edwardian Evening). Today saw our first full rendition in the drawing-room at Castle Drogo. Many thanks to all the N.T staff there who made us feel so welcome (and the mince pies and tea afer!); what a super venue (and what an interesting "few bars" in 'Let it Snow' ... thank heavens Roger (our absolutely fantastic pianist) could hear it too and, knew just how long it could last .... right chord ... right time!)

08.10.11 - Great fun at Spreyton last night. Surely they must have had the heating on full though!! Right, now for St Andrews and, hopefully, a few more sopranos ...... I wait to be impressed!

27,06.11 - "Phew what a scorcher!" for the Bbq! Great fun in spite of the sunburn and MH sang me a version of the Tallis we've just done with a new text by top bass/tenor/bass/tenor/whatever Paul. Thanks for that - sounded great outdoors too; very humbling. Right, now to sort Christmas; back in September.

24.06.11 - And ... Relax ........ We're off to the Bbq on Sunday and then breaking up until 31st August. Hope you all have a great summer. Make the most of it as the autumn is going to be busy, busy, busy !!

13.06.11 - Well, well, well ! Extracting birthdays from members is usually a bit like drawing teeth but, tonight .. Usually at the break and, after getting any announcements out of the way, we try and find out who's had a birthday in the last week so we can all join in a resounding chorus. Today we have top soprano Ania (Happy Birthday for today), Jane (top alto) (birthday with a '0' on) and Simon (hubby of Jane and, top-bass) in the last week and Helen (again one with a '0' on it and today), treasurer and top(part-time) alto (who we phoned up and sang down the phone !!) Many thanks for Jane and Simon for supplying some very nice 'fizz' for the end of the rehearsal. Gosh; Sunday is looming, the weather looks good and boy, do Moor Harmony deserve a break ! (better get their beauty-sleep as the autumn looks busy) ....

06.06.11 - What a great time, great venue, great cellist (Gavin) , great accompanist (Roger) and great audience, great 'sound-system' thanks to Sarah, great refreshments thanks to peter and Ian, teriffics solos ( thanks to Julia, Roger, Rob and Deborah)  and all for ...  some great music! Thanks too to Deborah's brother for designing the poster and for whoever managed to get us a mention in the Okehampton Times ... 20 weeks hard slog and fretting paid off I think ! Now, Open Gardens ....

03.06.11 - What a super venue the Ockment Hall is for singing; MH did themselves proud. Still, even with 50 posters dotted about I think the residents of Okehampton don't know where it is ! I was so happy to hear that those who made it really enjoyed the progremme ... now for the big one ... St Andrews .......

25.05.11 - a week to go ... must get the soloists together but so much for the woodwind ! Anyone know a flautist we can hire in a hurry ?

20.05.11 - Well, we're almost at the end of a very busy practice run and about to hit the lime-light. Phew! Then only a couple of weeks to open Gardens our Bbq and a well deserved rest! Still, a lot to do before then ...

08.03.11 - So, the Okement Hall, Okehampton and St Andrews, South Tawton it is then ... oboe, cello and flute now ... any volunteers?

09.02.11 - Well, it looks like we're going with the 1st and 4th of June for our concerts ... now to find accompanists, an oboe, a cello, a flute and a couple of venues ....

03.02.10 - Welcome back top Tenor James and top Sops Sarah, Marge and Julia ... at this rate we're going to have to hire more of the Rutter!!

10.01.10 - CONGRATULATIONS 'top alto'

CHLOE : on the arrival of little Isabel last week. (well done to Nick too!).

07.01.11 - Excellent, Tallis, Purcell and Rutter it is - and Exeter Library already have the Rutter Requiem ready for collection. What could possibly go wrong ...... ? See you all on Wednesday.

04.01.11 - Just about cracked the spring programme - just need some indication from the committee that it's a go-er ....... hint hint .....

19.12.10 - Well, we all had good fun at the Kings Arms anyway with our impromptu sing along through some of our Christmas music before our dinner - thanks to all who made it in through the snow to sing along for fun even if you weren't staying for the party afterwards and many thank to Deborah for, once again,  organising the prize-giving. Merry Christmas everone and have a very Happy New Year.

18.12.10 - Hmm.... there are various phrases that come to mind describing weather that cancels a concert ... none of them very musical !

15.12.10 - Ah ..... that sinking feeling when, after sixteen weeks hard slog, you realise no-one thought to advertised the concert ........

13.12.10 - Well, wasn't that good fun ! And, thanks to the National Trust for the tea and cakes after.

06.12.10 - We're 'doing Drogo' this Saturday, 11th. In the library from 2.30pm ... not entirely sure we've all got 30's costumes but I'm sure one of the ladies will break out a boa !

25.11.10 - The 2010 Christmas programme, in the correct order, is now on the 'Programmes' tab.

02.09.10 -Right, Christmas selection is sorted so, now to REMIND EVERYONE THAT WE RE-GROUP NEXT WEDNESDAY !!

23.07.10 - One of our sopranos is moving away. Sheilah has been with us since day one and we wish her all the best in her new home. Thanks for everything Sheila, take care, all the best and keep in touch - love from Moor Harmony : hope you like the picture ...



16.07.10 - Hot off the press (well, warm at any rate), below is a picture sent in of us at St Mary's South Zeal during this year's Open Gardens Day concert. At a wild guess I'd say this was just after a rollicking rendition of 'Old McDonald' and we all needed a bit of a lie down ....

Thanks to Sheila M's son for the photo.

14.07.10 - Quiz Night at the Kings Arms, South Zeal is in aid of Moor Harmony his month. Be there Sunday 25th July from 7.30pm.


29.06.10 - That has to have been the busiest 6 months I think we’ve ever had! Well, now Moor Harmony have has their party and broken up for the summer and a well deserved rest.

We remain contactable via e-mail or facebook and the photo gallery will continue to be updated monthly during the summer too. Now ... time for me to think about Christmas …… see you in September.


21.06.10 - What a super day last Sunday. Well done everyone. I'm sure the highlight of Roger's music stand and music flying past me into the audience during Sunrise, Sunset will remain with me for quite some time! (and he never fluffed a note either). Well done 'Village Voices' too -  a perfect interlude! I don't think St Mary's or the audience could beleive we actually pulled off The Heavens are Telling -  a great ending to a great little concert. See you Saturday for the barbecue. Thanks for all you hard work. J.

15.06.10 - Members Please Note : On Saturday, be at my place by 12.15 to start rehearsal. Bbq is at Ian and Helen's on 26th - cooking starts at 12.30!

28.05.10 - Photo gallery has been updated for June and some bbq details confirmed (see rehearsal lschedule).

20.05.10 - Members please note - date for the barbeque is Saturday 26th June - venue and time are still to be arranged!

11.05.10 - Many thanks to the Moorland Group for their (very) generous donation to Moor Harmony's funds.

05.05.10 - The photo-archive has been updated and our programme for Open Gardens is on the programme-tab.

27.04.10 - Can members have a think about six more pieces to do for Open Gardens please - preferably from existing repertoire. New pieces confirmed are the Wael 'Ave Verum' and Haydn's 'The Heavens are Telling'. Thanks.

21.04.10 - Members please note - on Saturday 24th, meet at my house for the warm up at 8pm; anyone attending the cabaret dinner need not be there.

16.04.10 - Members please note - Reheasrsal on 21st April is in the Victory hall, South Zeal at the usual time.

07.04.10 -Some new photos on the Photo Archive for April. We're still waiting for some (sensible, thankyou, Paul!) suggestions for a biggish work to do next year and I'm on the hunt for Sopranos (nothing personal, just a bit short of them at the moment!)

24.03.10 -We're afte a whole work to perform in 2011 and so far suggestions have been to complete the rest of the Hardn Missa Brevis or have a go at the Rossini Petit Missa Solennelle. Any other suggestions are welcome - via the blog or e-mail.

09.03.10 - Here are the certificates we got last week-end :

06.03.10 -Thank Goodness that's all over with !

Well - a tropy for the Chamber Choir entry and 90 marks ("an outstanding performance technically and artistically") for Gounod's 'Ave Verum' and Haydn's 'Gloria' from the Missa Brevis Nr 7 (which the adjudicator described as "MAGNIFICENT" ) in the small Choir Class. WELL DONE EVERYONE AND THANKYOU. Perhaps I'll get some sleep tonight now (after a bit of celebrating). Unless you were there you have absolutely no idea how a  definitive performance of the Gounod actually sounds....

04.03.10 - MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE : Change of order - We're going in with the Gounod then Haydn at 4.15 then with the Blake at 4.45. (It saves all that folder nonsense).

03.03.10 -Members please note : Agenda for Saturday as follows : 2pm meet at Victory Hall (in 'costume). Warm up and run-throughs. Leave South Zeal no later than 3pm. Park in Exeter and meet at South Street Baptist Church by 3.45pm at latest. Although we're programmed to be on at 4.15, they can pull us forwards by 15 minutes.

26.02.10 -the photo archive has been updated for March and there's an explanation of our 'colours' added at the bottom of the 'About' page ...

24.02.10 - Fun and games I said ! ... Well, you know that feeling when you're quite good at juggling and then someone suggests spinning plates (you know, up on those poles like they did on black and white telly in the old days) .. you have a go. They all start falling off. Heck ! Anyway, by the end of this evening most of them were staying up and a bit more practice just like it next week will have us there

17.02.10 - Welcome back Deborah .. already some great suggestions, thanks. Well, tonight we had some super Haydn and Gounod ... Blake, well, let me put it like this - 4 notes for the basses and one syncopated phrase for the 2nd sops and we'll be there ! Fun and games next week ... (learn your words please)

Happy *0th Birthday


 the lady who feeds and weeds one of our basses ..!

12.02.10 - members please note - rehearsals on 24th Feb and 3rd March are in the Victory Hall, South Zeal; please bring your own flask/refreshments for the break. Start same time : 7.45pm

11.02.10 - Last night's rehearsal got down to the nitty-gritty and a right old slog it was too ! Still, on the bright side, Robin handed me a cd with about 300 Moor Harmony photos to update the website with. They date back about ten years altogether and I've uploaded a set for February on the Photo Archive.

05.02.10 - just a quick note to confirm the times ARE 4.15pmand 4.45pm on 6th March for the Festival.

03.02.10 - Welcome also to Debbie (a new soprano) as of tonight. Where were all the altos ?? Poor Sue ! Still, the dissection of the festival works continues ...

02/02/10 - Devon Performing Arts have been in touch - times for our entries will be rolled out next week but it looks like 4.15pm for the Haydn and Blake with 4.45pm for the Gounod - this is still to be confirmed. Anyone is welcome to come along and watch/listen (I think there's an entry fee) and we would certainly appreciate some support. We'll confirm more details when the programme arrives.

22/01/10 - well, the snow sort of got in the way last week but, we're up and running again as of 20th. 20 of us on Wednesday to pick through the Festival music (with the welcome addition of a new bass (Paul). if anyone else would like to have a go - now is the last chance before march 6th so drop us an e-mail asap. it was a good run through but the hard work will kick off next week; 4 weeks of learning notes, words and interpretation before memorising the lot over 3 weeks and practicing performance techniques. We're also in the middle of choosing a set for the Moorland group Gig on 24th April; only 4 or 5 peices and they've asked Fi and Jen to do the Rossisni 'Cat's Duette' too.

04/01/10 - Ready to re-group next week (13th) and prepare for the Devon Performing Arts Festival in March.

21/12/09 - Christmas concerts and party now done and dusted. Belstone is my favourite due to the more intimate nature of the smaller church - even if it is freezing !

08/12/09 - Just about ready for our two Christmas concerts now. One small glitch overcome as our usual accompanist suddenly pulled out of the one on 12th December but we're managed to cover that off. Next year we're thinking about holding a Christmas Party in South Zeal - something along the lines of the 10th Anniversary party we had this summer. it would be instead of a 'Concert' as such and may attract a different audience.

26/03/07 Saturday 17th of March saw a final run-through in South Zeal at before heading off to Exeter for the competition. Two dozen of us took part this year, including our accompanist, Sam Cooper. The first class entered was the 'Carol Class' for which we had prepared Rutter's 'Christmas Lullaby' and Mary Weaver's 'Hail Jesu Bambino'. We were on first, at 12.15, were followed by the Exeter Festival Chorus (numbering around 50) and subsequently Bel Canto (numbering around a dozen). 86 marks and 2nd place. At 1.50 were were up against the Bel Canto and the Chorus' splinter-group, 'Exevox' for the Small Mixed Choir entry. We performed Thomas Ford's 'Since First I saw Your Face' and Irving Berlin's 'Blue Skies'. Again, 86 marks and 2nd place after Exevox. In all, ten weeks hard work and memorising all the works paid off and everyone had a great time; it was the first time a few members had entered anything like this type of event and I have received a lot of positive feedback fro them. Here's to our next entry - and topping the Festival Chorus