Moor Harmony

Why not have a few photos dotted about the place ? there are some here or below ... 

Hmmmm.... Christmas 2014 ...... think some of these need photo-shopping!!

A nice 'artistic' on from 9th November 2013 at St Andrew's South Tawton for the Armed Man ... 

2nd November 2013 at the Ockment Centre, Okehamptonm for The Armed man

 15 ave verum's down and we're still standing .....

Moved from our Home-Page, this is our BBq photo hosted by Andrew & Pam a couple of years ago  : 

This has just come in - a quick rehearsal before the wedding of Nick and Jo a couple of years ago (yes, with a hurdy gurdy and bagpipes too!) ...


The 2011 Bbq - thanks to David for the photo - it depicts a performance of  the music of Thomas tallis combined with a new text by top bass/1st bass/tenor/recorder player/whatever Paul (2nd from left)!! 

This also dates to Christmas 2010 and shows us at the Castle Drogo gig. Thanks to top sorano Rosemary for passing this on. 

 This set has Moor Harmony again having a bit of a party - the 2010 snow may have cancelled the concert but we sang in the pub anyway and partied as planned!

If anyone would like a free copy of any of these please let me know at rehearsal.

An archive of previous photos is at the very bottom of this page and, often, the slideshows end up on Youtube !

This is the archive of previous displayed photos :

Website collection 08 : 

Website collection 07 :

Website Collection 06 : from Summer 2007 

5.Website Collection 05 - DPAF 2007 

4. Website Collection 05 from 2005 Bbq in Belstone

MH 2005 website Collection 04a.wmv MH 2005 website Collection 04a.wmv
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3. Website Collection 03 from 2004 :

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2. website collection 02 

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1.Website collection 01, below photo-montage and slideshow views.

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